I’ve been neglecting this story. 

I don’t really care for it much, and there are parts that make me sad. But I started, and I need to tell you the rest. 

I spent the next days in the hospital on copious amounts of medication, feeling pain through a fog. I had visitors nearly every day. Friends, family, my boyfriend. I began a bit of physical therapy, so I could learn to use my body in ways that it would let me. 

My concussion was so severe that I was unable to read a book. I tried and became frustrated more than once. 

A few days into my stay, I was scheduled for surgery on my humerus. I had a plate and 8 screws attached to stabilize the bone, and allow me to use the arm sooner. I was immobilized in a sling, but without a cast I was able to work on some small range of motion exercises. 

I began to transfer from my bed to a commode or wheelchair, so I could get a bit of a change in scenery. I also started wheeling myself to the toilet when I was able. I’ll tell you one thing – wiping with your non-dominant hand is both difficult and uncomfortable! 

I had to work the wheelchair by using my left arm and left leg, due to the extent of injury on my right. That took some getting used to! I could only go short distances, but the nurses let me start to wander the hospital with other people to supervise, and drive if necessary. 

One week after the accident, I was sent home. This turned out to be a poor plan. More on that soon. 

I had a rough couple of days. This is before my humerus surgery, while I could still feel my bone fragments clicking against each other. 


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